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Inching Closer

Hey everyone! Just popping in for a quick update on what has been going on. We are still selling and shipping copies of H%C #3, physical copies of 2 and 3 are still available for purchase, and chugging along buying comics wherever I can find them.

Recently we announced the theme for issue 4 of H%C that we are opening submissions for. The theme is going to be “VICE.” That theme you can interpret as you see fit but we will take that theme into account when making selections for issue #4. We added that theme to the submissions guidelines along with a few minor changes, but if you submitted previously there shouldn’t be any major difference.

In other news we are inching ever closer to the open submissions for the Make More Comics Arts Grant (MMC Grant). The submission period opens on January 1st and closes on March 31st for the 2021 grant. Funding is in place and secured for this first grant but we are still attempting to raise funds for future grants, possibly increase the grant amount, and to assist in building this grant into a true non-profit.

You can still hear my buddy Jim Mason and I over on the Epic Marvel Crossover Podcast where we break down Marvel inter-company crossover comics. We are ahead on recording those episodes through the end of the year so make sure to follow that feed and subscribe to hear those, and thanks to Kurtis Findlay and the Epic Marvel Podcast for his support and having us on his feed.

You may also hear me on a few other interviews or podcasts. I recently did one for a radio show down in Southern California, I will post that link once it goes live. I also am slated to do a couple more media pieces in the coming weeks to talk about comics and the promote the grant so keep your ears open for that. I want to get the word out about the grant as much as possible and hope that we get submissions. I love all the support and keep sharing/spreading the word to creators out there.

MMC Arts Grant – Support Today!

Today we held our first fundraiser for the MMC grant over on our Facebook page and it was fun! We had a number of pieces for sale including signed and original art for about half of the price we would sell in a shpo or a con with all proceeds going to support the grant. With that I was asked about if someone wanted to donate, how could they?

I realized that we forgot to setup a donation link! Well good thing our friend Ian reminded me and with that we went ahead and setup a few ways to do so below:

QR Code:

H%C #3 Pre-Orders – MMC Arts Grant

Today 100% Comics out of Patterson CA has two big announcements:

First we are opening up pre-orders for the next issue of our comics anthology magazine, H%C.  With this issue, #3, we are proud to bring you artists and stories from all over the United States.  With cover art by the always brilliant Gregory C. Giordano this issue brings you the next installment of “OFW” that was featured in issue #2 as well as new pieces from creators we have never seen before in the pages of H%C!

H%C #3 Physical pre-order pricing – order more for greater discounts! Contact us directly here or on social media to place a pre-order today!

1 – 25$4.00/issue$8.00$8.00
26 – 50$3.25/issue$8.00$14.00
51 and up$3.00/issue$8.00Message for Price

With issue #3 we are also proud to announce that all creators received some form of payment for their accepted submissions which is part of what is driving up the retail price of this and future issues.  The other factor in that price increase though is much more exciting…keep reading!

The MMC Arts Grant

The Xeric Grant was a force in comics self-publishing.  It helped bring names into the public eye that we may not have seen otherwise such as Jason Shiga, David Choe, Jeff Lemire, and Tom Scioli.  Many of these creators have talked about how the Xeric changed their career path – not because it was a huge amount of money, which it wasn’t, but because it meant something to creators.  It carried with it a certain level of prestige and the ability to reach a wider audience. 

With that we have created an arts micro-grant program.  This grant will give a small amount of cash directly to creator(s) to assist with small press and self publishing in the comics industry.  We will have an application process and deadlines from which we will select finalists and winners.  The money for this grant will be supported by the comics we publish.  If all goes as planned we will be able to give out the first of these grants mid next year.  In the spirit of Ed and Jim and the Cartoonist Kayfabe community that we are part of we named it the Make More Comics Arts Grant, or the MMC for short. 

This means that you will be paying a bit more for all future issues of H%C but rest assured that the extra money is going to not only pay creators for their work, but also to fund a grant that will help publish even more new and exciting comics.  To follow all news and information on this project check out our new website at  I hope that everyone who reads this can get behind the idea and help us move closer to making this grant a reality.

Thank you all again for your support.

Will Hoffknecht
100% Comics – Owner/Publisher

Check out our website to learn more about the grant and how to apply!

Check out Gregorgy C. Giordano art for the amazing cover to issue #3!

MMC logos and branding created by Joseph Antoniello at Steppe One Design:

H%C Back Issues On Sale!

Ask and you shall receive! We are excited to announce online sales on the simplified Square platform of back issues of H%C.

Current Items for Sale:


H%C Issue #1 Digital Download ($2.00)
16 pages, 2019

While Issue #1 has been sold out for awhile we are proud to announce that you can still get a digital copy now! Featuring cover art by David Brouwers and interior artists such Eli Schwab and Ben Granoff! All profits go to the support of the MMC Arts Grant.


H%C Issue #2 Physical Order ($8.00 + shipping)

H%C Issue #2 Digital Download ($5.00)
40 pages, 2020

Issue #2 was a much larger success than I expected or planned for. We are featuring cover art by the amazing Marcus Cripps as well as interiors by J. Andrew World, Ben Granoff, Anton Spivak, Daniel Moler, Ian M, and many more! We still have some physical copies available at this time for order as well as digital downloads available. All profits from these sales are going to help fund the MMC Arts Grant.

Website Launch!

Here we go!

For years we have worked purely at cons and on social media. We are still doing those things but I recently decided I needed a home page to collect all of those places together into a singular source.

With that we are launching this website which is where we will link to all our socials, but we will also do all news and press released, podcast drops, and anything having to do our comics business.

Whether you have bought comics from me, submitted to the H%C zine, or found us through those various channels I hope you find my news and blog section interesting. My wife and I am working on a long-term goal to open our own shop someday so I may post things I am learning, mistakes I am making, and celebrate our successes.

Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. I love hearing from peers and fans so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!