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Website Launch!

Here we go!

For years we have worked purely at cons and on social media. We are still doing those things but I recently decided I needed a home page to collect all of those places together into a singular source.

With that we are launching this website which is where we will link to all our socials, but we will also do all news and press released, podcast drops, and anything having to do our comics business.

Whether you have bought comics from me, submitted to the H%C zine, or found us through those various channels I hope you find my news and blog section interesting. My wife and I am working on a long-term goal to open our own shop someday so I may post things I am learning, mistakes I am making, and celebrate our successes.

Please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. I love hearing from peers and fans so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

Published by William H.

Photographer, Artist, Activist. Living in Patterson CA.

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