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Inching Closer

Hey everyone! Just popping in for a quick update on what has been going on. We are still selling and shipping copies of H%C #3, physical copies of 2 and 3 are still available for purchase, and chugging along buying comics wherever I can find them.

Recently we announced the theme for issue 4 of H%C that we are opening submissions for. The theme is going to be “VICE.” That theme you can interpret as you see fit but we will take that theme into account when making selections for issue #4. We added that theme to the submissions guidelines along with a few minor changes, but if you submitted previously there shouldn’t be any major difference.

In other news we are inching ever closer to the open submissions for the Make More Comics Arts Grant (MMC Grant). The submission period opens on January 1st and closes on March 31st for the 2021 grant. Funding is in place and secured for this first grant but we are still attempting to raise funds for future grants, possibly increase the grant amount, and to assist in building this grant into a true non-profit.

You can still hear my buddy Jim Mason and I over on the Epic Marvel Crossover Podcast where we break down Marvel inter-company crossover comics. We are ahead on recording those episodes through the end of the year so make sure to follow that feed and subscribe to hear those, and thanks to Kurtis Findlay and the Epic Marvel Podcast for his support and having us on his feed.

You may also hear me on a few other interviews or podcasts. I recently did one for a radio show down in Southern California, I will post that link once it goes live. I also am slated to do a couple more media pieces in the coming weeks to talk about comics and the promote the grant so keep your ears open for that. I want to get the word out about the grant as much as possible and hope that we get submissions. I love all the support and keep sharing/spreading the word to creators out there.

Published by William H.

Photographer, Artist, Activist. Living in Patterson CA.

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