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H%C #1 – Cover Art by David Brouwers

H%C is an underground comic zine published by 100% Comics. The magazine started in mid 2019 with issue #1 featuring 16 pages of relatively unknown comics creators from all over North America and a cover by the amazing David Brouwers! The first issue was put into the world simply as a labor of love and wanting to learn how to create such a thing.

Issue #2 followed a number of months later – but this time we were able to make it 40 pages chock full or comics, interviews, and articles about the industry. I still didn’t really know what I was doing but it was getting closer to my vision.

Items are for sale over at my BIG CARTEL shop. We have physical issues as well as digital downloads available for your pleasure. Digital is the only way you can get issue #1 anymore as it has been sold out for a long time!

If you are interested in submitting to be published in H%C please see below.


At this time we have a set of submission guidelines which outline the page size requirements, payments, and any other pertinent information. We are open to all sort of art from comics, comic pages, comics strips, single page splash and pin-up art, articles, letters, and for a small fee we take commercial advertisements.

Click here for the Submission Guidelines and How to Submit!

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