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Arts micro-grant to support independent comics publishing

The Make More Comics Arts Grant was created to find ways to support creative comics creators in pursuit of the art of comic storytelling. We want to promote and reward creative people working in the medium that we love and enjoy for many years to come.


Comics are a labor of love and feature some of the most creative storytelling on the planet. You can do more in comics on a limited budget than any other medium.


While many comics are all digital now we want to support the practice of making comics by hand and seeing them in print. The physical object is an end goal.


The culture of conventions is alive and well and whether you hand sell your product or sell online we want to continue to see comics in the hands of readers.

Interested in applying?

See Former Winning Projects:

The Make More Comics Arts Grant was created by 100% Comics and Will Hoffknecht as a way to promote creative and interesting comic books.

MMC logos and branding created by Joseph Antoniello at Steppe One Design:

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