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MMC Arts Grant

Submission Guidelines:

The MMC Arts Grant assists comic book creators with small grants to assist in the costs in self-publishing their work. It is not the grants intention to fully support an artist/writer through the entire process of self-publishing, but rather to encourage creators to experience the learning process involved in working towards such a goal.

Grant proposals must be submitted in the form of a written request and must include five copies each of the following:

  1. A traditional cover letter that introduces the applicant(s). This must include name, address, phone number, email address, website or social media, and the title of the proposed book/project.
  2. A creators’ statement of purpose (A page or two explaining what your book is all about and why you want to self publish. This must be separate from the cover letter).
  3. A bibliography of previous works including but not limited to web comics, self-published, or publisher printed/distributed works.  In the absence of previous works a traditional resume/CV (for each contributor, if more than one).  The purpose here is to give depth to your experience within creative or comics related work.
  4. An itemized, proposed budget (in $USD) with description of how you are planning to publish and distribute the completed work.
  5. A presentation of the work to date in clean, clear 8.5″ x 11″ and/or 11″ x 17″ black and white and/or color photocopies. Other sizes or example publications are allowed. We just need enough to ensure the judges can get an idea of the overall look/feel of the final product. Do not send your original art! Applications will not be returned.
  6. During the review process you may be contacted by a representative for 100% Comics or the MMC Arts Grant for follow-up questions or information.
  7. If your packet arrives after the submission deadline it will not be considered for the current years grant. Incomplete applications will not be considered. No digital submissions will be considered.
  8. Winners will be selected as the panel of judges sees fit. We do not need to provide reasoning or explanation for the decisions.

*Collate items #1 – 5. Separate the five (5) copies of your application into folders or envelopes packets. Then mail them together in a larger envelope or box and mailed to the follow address ONLY during the submission dates below:

Will Hoffknecht
MMC Arts Grant
605 M St.
Patterson CA 95363

Questions should be sent to us at using the subject “MMC Arts Grant.”

Key Dates:

Any items received outside of the submission dates will not be considered. Please check to confirm dates as they are subject to change every year:

Submissions for the 2023 grant will open on January 1st, and remain open until March 31st.  Due to shipping timelines, items postmarked on or before March 31st will be considered as long as they are received by April 4th. If they are not received by that deadline they will not be considered.

Review Period: Judges will review all submissions received by the deadline during the months of April and May.

Grant Award: Winner(s) will be announced on June 15th via press release published on the Make More Comics Arts Grant page on Facebook, as well as various other social media channels for 100% Comics. The Grant will be awarded and funds dispersed to the winning submitter(s) within 30 days of the public announcement.  Prior to announcement the winning submitter(s) will be contacted to determine the most efficient method of receiving the funds.

Grant Award:

Grant winners will be notified shortly before the public announcement. The grant winner will receive funds of $1000.00 USD to support the project and self-publishing effort.

With the disbursement of funds we do ask that any project that receives funding from the MMC Arts Grant adds a small logo and tagline somewhere on the final product. The logo image and tagline will be provided at that time. It must be readable, but can be placed anywhere the creator sees fit within the publication.

Grant FAQs:

Who qualifies?

You (and your collaborators) do, if you write and draw a comic book of your own creation and plan to publish and distribute that comic independently or through any other publishing company. If you belong to an artist/writer team or as a collaborative effort we ask that you file a single submission.

What about International submissions?

While the MMC Arts Grant is based in the United States, it is open internationally but the submission packet must be in English for judging panel.  If someone is willing to ship a submission packet internationally to us, we will review it.  The award is granted in USDs – we do not account for conversion rates.

What qualifies as a “comic book?”

Any publication featuring art in a deliberate narrative sequence may be considered comics. The format is up to you.

What kind of work are you looking for?

Among the qualities that we will be looking for are originality, literary and artistic merit, and a sense of commitment to the work. The content requirements are open-ended.

I have little or no work experience. Will my slight resume or lack of significant previous comics work disqualify me?

Not at all. We will take your experience into account but the quality of the work is by far the most important part of your application. First/early creative endeavors are encouraged to submit.

What can the grant award be used for?

The grant is an award to help support your efforts in artistic creation in the comic arts and to support the publishing of said work. We put no legal limit on what you can spend it on but we expect to see a final product published.

Does the artwork for my project need to be complete?

Submitted projects should be complete or near completion. We cannot review scripts without art or vice versa. Please send 5 copies of the entire project to date. Submit only one project per review.

What do you mean not to send original art?

We need to see your creations, pages, and stories, but we do not want the original art boards. Submission packets will not be returned. Send prints, books, or photocopies in a size that can or will reflect your art in such a way that the judging panel can get an idea for the overall look and feel of the project.

What about online publishing?

The online publishing or serializing of the same work before, during, and after a grant is encouraged as a way to build excitement for the final product. You (and any collaborators) own all of the work, and can do with it as you please, but MMC Arts Grant asks that the final physical product is first published before being available digitally in its entirety. If you have a webcomic and your project is to publish a physical collection, that will be okay as well.

The Make More Comics Arts Grant was created by 100% Comics and Will Hoffknecht as a way to promote creative and interesting comic books.

MMC logos and branding created by Joseph Antoniello at Steppe One Design:

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