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H%C #3 Pre-Orders – MMC Arts Grant

Today 100% Comics out of Patterson CA has two big announcements:

First we are opening up pre-orders for the next issue of our comics anthology magazine, H%C.  With this issue, #3, we are proud to bring you artists and stories from all over the United States.  With cover art by the always brilliant Gregory C. Giordano this issue brings you the next installment of “OFW” that was featured in issue #2 as well as new pieces from creators we have never seen before in the pages of H%C!

H%C #3 Physical pre-order pricing – order more for greater discounts! Contact us directly here or on social media to place a pre-order today!

1 – 25$4.00/issue$8.00$8.00
26 – 50$3.25/issue$8.00$14.00
51 and up$3.00/issue$8.00Message for Price

With issue #3 we are also proud to announce that all creators received some form of payment for their accepted submissions which is part of what is driving up the retail price of this and future issues.  The other factor in that price increase though is much more exciting…keep reading!

The MMC Arts Grant

The Xeric Grant was a force in comics self-publishing.  It helped bring names into the public eye that we may not have seen otherwise such as Jason Shiga, David Choe, Jeff Lemire, and Tom Scioli.  Many of these creators have talked about how the Xeric changed their career path – not because it was a huge amount of money, which it wasn’t, but because it meant something to creators.  It carried with it a certain level of prestige and the ability to reach a wider audience. 

With that we have created an arts micro-grant program.  This grant will give a small amount of cash directly to creator(s) to assist with small press and self publishing in the comics industry.  We will have an application process and deadlines from which we will select finalists and winners.  The money for this grant will be supported by the comics we publish.  If all goes as planned we will be able to give out the first of these grants mid next year.  In the spirit of Ed and Jim and the Cartoonist Kayfabe community that we are part of we named it the Make More Comics Arts Grant, or the MMC for short. 

This means that you will be paying a bit more for all future issues of H%C but rest assured that the extra money is going to not only pay creators for their work, but also to fund a grant that will help publish even more new and exciting comics.  To follow all news and information on this project check out our new website at  I hope that everyone who reads this can get behind the idea and help us move closer to making this grant a reality.

Thank you all again for your support.

Will Hoffknecht
100% Comics – Owner/Publisher

Check out our website to learn more about the grant and how to apply!

Check out Gregorgy C. Giordano art for the amazing cover to issue #3!

MMC logos and branding created by Joseph Antoniello at Steppe One Design:

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Photographer, Artist, Activist. Living in Patterson CA.

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