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H%C Back Issues On Sale!

Ask and you shall receive! We are excited to announce online sales on the simplified Square platform of back issues of H%C.

Current Items for Sale:


H%C Issue #1 Digital Download ($2.00)
16 pages, 2019

While Issue #1 has been sold out for awhile we are proud to announce that you can still get a digital copy now! Featuring cover art by David Brouwers and interior artists such Eli Schwab and Ben Granoff! All profits go to the support of the MMC Arts Grant.


H%C Issue #2 Physical Order ($8.00 + shipping)

H%C Issue #2 Digital Download ($5.00)
40 pages, 2020

Issue #2 was a much larger success than I expected or planned for. We are featuring cover art by the amazing Marcus Cripps as well as interiors by J. Andrew World, Ben Granoff, Anton Spivak, Daniel Moler, Ian M, and many more! We still have some physical copies available at this time for order as well as digital downloads available. All profits from these sales are going to help fund the MMC Arts Grant.

Published by William H.

Photographer, Artist, Activist. Living in Patterson CA.

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